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Here are some things others have said about us...

"Raw milk was very beneficial to me in my cancer recovery." ~N.B. Henrico
"We did a taste test with Avery's Branch chicken. I bought organic, free-range, skinless chicken breasts from Trader Joe's and some from Avery's Branch.  I cooked one of each, exactly the same way.  I put some of both on a plate for my husband and he easily identified the Avery's Branch chicken as the one that tasted the best - there was such a noticeable difference!!"   ~A.C. Ashland

"I made some ice cream with your milk.  It was great so now I've made some Pumpkin Pecan Spice ice cream and Maple Walnut to serve for the holidays."  ~G.B. Mineral

"I am about 3 1/2 weeks from my due date and everything during my pregnancy has gone wonderfully. I have probably never felt better in my entire life actually! I know that is because of the amazing raw milk, eggs, and meats that we have been able to get from Avery's Branch Farms. Just the other night I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed (with normal last month of pregnancy symptoms) and I had some soup with the chicken broth we purchased from you. It was amazing how quickly I felt better and slept much sounder that evening."  M.W. ~ Fredricksburg

"We drank our first half-gallon, and let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious.  That cream on the top is dangerously good."  ~D.M. Charlottesville

"Thanks to you, our children are much healthier."  ~E.S. Chester

"WOWOWOW, thank you for your milk!!!!!!!!!! I have never tasted fresh raw milk, or fresh milk for that matter. Wow is that really, really, really delicious! Wow is that really good! We are hoping and thinking we just might drink more, and can pay for more.

Thank you so much for providing this, it is well worth the money!"  W.W. ~ Spotsylvania

"Thank you for the delicious milk. I feel so much better overall. If you ever need a testimony from someone with chronic gastric distress who has tried everything - I'm your girl!"  J.A.

"I just had to tell you right away I just tasted the yogurt O my gosh!!! I have never tasted something so yummy! I think I could actually replace my ice cream with this yogurt!"  ~S.A. Midlothian

"I'm so glad to have found you and am so grateful for all that you do."  ~L.M. Richmond
"The turkey was wonderful, of course, but I have to rave about the pork roast I also got while at your farm. It was huge and the most delicious roast I have ever made. I slow cooked it with fresh green beans and a little onion, then added some small potatoes at the end. Really, really good on a cold winter's day."  ~T.L. Richmond
"How splendid it is to have yummy, fresh milk from your farm!"  ~K.L. Powhatan

"I'm grateful that you have such a strong sense of stewardship for the land and your animals. God has repeatedly led me to people that have been essential in my healing. Your family is a blessing in my life." ~M. C. Ashland

"We cooked up the ribs we got from you last week and they were the BEST ribs I have ever had in my life!  Thank you so much for creating sustainable food."   ~K.O.  Richmond

"I loved reading about your haying triumph on the blog (www.alexanderadventuresfamilyblog.blogspot.com).
You and your family are such a beautiful example of faith and
industry, and I think it's truly remarkable what you've been able to
accomplish on that farmstead."  L.M. ~ Richmond
"You guys are doing a phenomenal job providing natural, nutritious foods to this community. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide."  ~J.S. Oilville
"I want to thank you inviting us to the fabulous 'Day To Give Thanks For Udders'.  I brought  my daughters and even the adults learned something new at the day on the farm!  It was a great experience!"  ~J.M.  Manakin-Sabot
"We had ordered a large grass-fed turkey from you for our family Thanksgiving dinner yesterday through Fall Line Farms, and werent quite sure what to expect when we roasted and served the bird. But it was probably the most delicious turkey Ive ever eaten, and the other ten people at the table certainly would agree! I was amazed at the moistness of the breast meat not at all  dried-out like industrial turkeys. Youve just made a regular customer!"  ~B.M. Doswell
"Thank you so much for sending the butter. It is out-of-this-world delicious."  ~H.K. Goochland
"You have a wonderful family and truly provide us with an excellent product."  ~R.P. Crozet 

"Thank you so much... your milk is fabulous! I give one gallon to my dad. He grew up on a dairy farm back in the day when everything was organic, simple and natural, and he LOVES your milk."

"I wanted to thank you and your family for opening up your home and farm to us last weekend. My 4 year old, Koa, is still talking about the time he got his very own egg to cook for breakfast. He asked me to send along a kiss and a scratch for his *very favorite kitty-friend in the whole world named Jackson the Farm Cat*. Thank you again---we all had a lovely time!"

"The milk is just too good and going too fast, so we'd like a second share if you have one available."

"We made whipped cream this evening to go with some fresh pumpkin pie our friend made. I am going to have to write poetry about how amazing that whipped cream tastes! Thank you, and please thank the cows for me."

"We are absolutely LOVING the milk."

"Everyone at the table yesterday said our turkey was the very best we have ever had!!! They kept saying it over and over, and we had hardly any meat left, just the carcass for stock!! It was so delicious. Thanks for making our Thanksgiving special. It was great to meet you all and see your farm."

"My daughter (3) loves the milk and she is so happy because I let her drink milk now, before I would always limit it."

"I have a young son and I absolutely believe that it is much better for his health to drink milk that comes from grass fed and humanely treated cows."

"You guys are running a great operation, and it is so good to know we're drinking healthy milk- especially Baby :)"

"We're so happy with the taste, and that it doesn't cause any of the typical allergy reactions we experience with store bought milk. I also love being able to pour the cream off and use in in coffee and cooking."

"My wife and I visited your farm Saturday (thanks for the hospitality!) and picked up some chickens and I roasted one last night and it was wonderful."

"My family LOVED meeting you and visiting your farm on "Thanks to Udders Day.""

"My 3 year old nephew enthusiastically enjoyed feeding stuff to the animals. We couldn't get him out of the Corn Crib!! Everything was set up with such care and interest in us visitors. Thank you so very much for all the hard work --- we greatly appreciate it. We are all very fortunate to have you." 




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