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Field Trips at
Avery's Branch Farms


                                                                                                                                                      Avery's Branch Farms uses organic practices that emphasize good stewardship of the land and animals. 
Field trips
 include a variety of stations where students may participate in hands-on activities enhancing their learning experience.

Children are introduced to: 
~laying hens 
~meat birds 
~pastured pigs 
~dairy cows  

Students are encouraged to:
~gather eggs
~feed pigs 
~milk a simulated cow
~feed the baby calves 
~observe a cow being milked

Picnic area and bathrooms available.
Field trips last approximately 90 minutes and cost $7 per student.  Teachers, parents, and siblings are free. There is a minimum cost of $300.  
We look forward to
enhancing your students' learning experience
this school year.


Our farm is always open to the public.

Feel free to stop by to observe the evening milking or at your convenience. 


"We attended the 'How-To Tour' at Avery's Branch Farms today.  Thank you for the amazing opportunity to see your farm and to learn from your family.  It was extremely informative and truly inspiring.  I cannot tell you how impressed we were by how knowledgeable and involved every member of the Alexander family is at the farm.  It is our goal to one day operate our own sustainable farm in such a family-oriented manner." 

"We attended your 'How-To Farm Tour' and it was incredible! We have been feeling a powerful leading toward farming for a long time but it always felt out of our reach. Your testimony was so powerful and inspiring. We have been talking about it constantly ever since."

One of the parts of the tour that made me feel so much more comfortable with the idea of farming was seeing your children in action! They reinforced how excellent farming can be for children. They were so poised and knowledgeable. It was really inspiring."   ~E.H., Richmond




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