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Internship Opportunities


                     Come out for a day and get your hands dirty

or spend the season as an intern!

Intern will have the opportunity to work closely in an all natural farm setting, learning the skills required to successfully manage and operate a sustainable farm.
Exemplary character and integrity mandatory.  References researched thoroughly. Must be at least 18.
Intern will assist in milking cows, delivering milk, making dairy products, pasture management and rotational grazing, poultry care including butchering, construction, veterinary practices, gardening and various assorted farm responsibilities.
Stipend of $200 per month for incidentals plus housing on farm.  Interns may eat, within reason, from the Avery's Branch staff freezer.
No experience required but a willingness to work hard with a good attitude a must.
Email us for more information. averysbranchfarms@yahoo.com
For those interested in a one day learning experience, we invite you to join us for our monthly poultry processing day. We start at 9am and finish at 1pm. Because we use scalding hot water and sharp knives, children 12 and up with their parents are best suited. Please let us know if you are coming. Processing days are announced on facebook only.
Our desire is to educate those who truly want to learn our farming practices and perhaps apply them to their own business someday. You will be expected to do hard work. We cannot devote time to teaching you if you cannot return the time in labor. If you would rather not work, consider going to one of our group tours instead.

We hope to see you soon!



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